andreas gogol || born 1968 in Braunschweig, Germany

currently based in Berlin since 1996 || Diplom & Master of Fine Arts in film & photography at School of Art – HBK Braunschweig 2003 [with Birgit Hein, Gerhard Büttenbender & John Armleder] || 1979 first recordings with drums, guitar, organ and voice || professional education as a painter [trade] || social work with disabled people || member of the experimental workshop „stattWerke“ [1996-2003] || co-organizer at „electronic church“ space for electronic & improvised music in berlin [2008-2009] || festival coordination at ctm-festival in berlin [2008-2012] || expanded cinema performances with Telemach Wiesinger [16mm film & live sound] || free artistic work as filmmaker & musician  with an examination to combine analogue and digital media || professional activity in digital fine art printing …

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