DEMO DANDIES #2 – Berlin || MC Sampler || WIR RUFEN ZURÜCK 002 || 2012

side a
Gelbart – Junk #31
Frederik Schikowski – Eva+Adam
Breezy Goreng – Hello this is
Pieter Kock – Goddess of magic
Mela Zeta – Golosinas
Dr.Legasto feat Itty Minchesta – Schnellfickerhose
Stiff Leather & The Fox – Fox and the Stiff
JLP – Rubble to the milky sea
Johnny Haway – A swan conch

side b
Alma Alloro – Skant
go:gol – Drive Baby Drive
Broca Areal – Nacht
Cosmic moHo – Babadabada
Bakhmutzki – The eyes of the tongue
Gino Niemiz – Off me
Abeto Colindantez – Cumpleanos Feliz
Exteenager – ZZZ
Grandmaster Softgod – We won a fight !

WIR RUFEN ZURÜCK is a Joint Venture of Gagarin Records & Sozialistischer Plattenbau

Demo Dandies #2 / Sampler




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